How to Choose the Right Under Armour Boot

Under Armour Alegent BootUnder Armour boots come in several styles to help military and law enforcement personnel achieve their missions. These boots are known for heightened performance and comfort levels. Each boot style has some standard features as well as some unique features. Knowing what type of climate and terrain you'll be in makes choosing the right boot easier.

About Under Armour Boots

The Under Armour concept was created by a University of Maryland-College Park football player in 1995. The brand's goal is to keep athletes and military professionals cool and dry while boosting their performance. The company started with a lightweight T-shirt design with moisture wicking. The brand has grown to include athletic clothing and innovative footwear.

Standard Features

Under Armour military boots are designed for comfort, stealth and speed. The brand's boot styles come with some standard features.

  • Lightweight materials prevent your feet and legs from feeling heavy and slowing you down.
  • Moisture wicking technology prevents foot perspiration from making your boot heavy and uncomfortable.
  • Boot treads on all models prevent slipping and enhance speed. They also improve protection to the sole of the foot.
  • Shock absorption design decreases the chances of injury and fatigue.
  • The Under Armour logo is visible to confirm the level of quality and manufacturing style.

Optional Features

Which type of boots to order is influenced by several factors. Consider whether or not you'll be going into hot and dry desert conditions. Assignment to a ship or a jungle zone probably means you need waterproof boots instead of water-resistant footwear.


  • Under Armour boots offer special features in certain styles for added protection and comfort.
  • Armour Lastic is even more shock-absorbent.
  • Armour Bound styles keep your foot in place inside the boot.
  • Armour Guide technology gives added support.
  • Anti-friction technology means memory foam prevents your foot from sliding and chafing.


Choose the boot height that offers the protection you need for your ankle and shin. Higher boots can limit mobility and range of motion. Lowers boot may sacrifice protection and support above the ankle, but provide greater mobility and lighter weight.


Side zippers are available on some styles to improve quickness in taking off and putting on your boots. They blend in with the background material and don't affect the profile. A flap at the top of the zipper helps it to stay closed. Open side zippers can help your boots dry faster on the inside after you wear them.


Various branches of the military and law enforcement commands have their own guidelines for boots. Specific colors are designated to coordinate with uniforms and blend in with certain types of terrain. For example, light colors are usually preferred for desert and hot weather climates. Some boots have camouflage trim to help them blend in better in the jungle.


Finding the right size is the key to finding the perfect fit. Boots that fit right are less likely to rub and cause foot sores. Measure your feet for Under Armour footwear to find your true size. Stand barefoot on a piece of paper. Have a friend or family member carefully trace your foot. If you do it yourself, your weight may shift to create an inaccurate outline. Make two parallel lines extending from the highest point of your toe to the lowest point of your heel. Measure the distance between the two lines to find your true foot size. Compare your foot size on the chart below to find the right Under Armour Boot size. If your measurement is in between sizes, choose the bigger of the two.

Boot Size

Women's True Foot Size in Inches

Men's True Foot Size in Inches


8 3/4


5 1/2

8 7/8



9 1/8


6 1/2

9 1/4



9 3/8

9 7/8

7 1/2

9 5/8



9 3/4

10 1/8

8 1/2


10 3/8


10 1/8

10 5/8

9 1/2

10 3/8

10 3/4


10 5/8


10 1/2

10 3/4

11 1/8



11 3/8

11 1/2

11 1/8

11 5/8


11 3/8

11 3/4

12 1/2





12 1/8

13 1/2


12 1/4



12 5/8

14 1/2


12 7/8




15 1/2


13 1/8



13 1/4

Under Armour BootUnder Armour Styles

Under Armour boots come with a wide range of features. Check out the different body styles to find the one that suits your needs. These can be worn by military and law enforcement personnel. Hunters and hikers also like to wear them for their durability.


These eight-inch boots are made for flexibility and grip without sacrificing safety. The Alegent is lightweight, offering a molded sock liner to minimize blisters. It's a popular choice for units on rugged and flat terrain. Flexibility, odor control and venting make this a good boot for outdoor use without losing the protection of a sturdy tactical boot.

Speed Freak

This style has the durability of a military boot that highlights mobility while protecting your feet. A sturdy toe guard supplies protection from sharp objects and debris impacts. Memory foam keeps your feet in place, and a Gore-Tex liner offers water protection.


The Valsetz Tactical Boot is popular for military and law enforcement work. It's ideal for long hours and uneven terrain. It has deep treads on the outsole for sure footing. Its midsole is made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate to absorb strong impacts and protect your feet. This resilient boot is seven inches tall, providing extra protection to the ankle without hindering mobility. It's a work boot you can run in if needed. This is ideal for units that spend a lot of time in the woods or on gravel. All Valsetz models have a loop on the back to make it easier to put your boots on and take them off.

  • Look for a side zipper, odor control technology and a sock liner on the Valsetz Tactical SZ Boot.
  • The Valsetz Tactical Wide Boot offers extra room from side to side for a better fit.

Tactical Mid GTX

The Tactical Mid GTX boot combines a low height with an aggressive tread and waterproof protection. It doubles as a duty boot that's flexible and comfortable. The Mid GTX is just over five inches tall, providing a solid range of motion.

Ops Trainer

If you need breathability and lightweight performance, the Ops Trainer is an option. It has good grip and non-marking rubber soles that minimize traceability. The eight-inch height ensures ankle protection and support for added comfort. This style is available in different colors to meet different requirements.


Choosing the right boots depends on what you plan to be doing in them. Most boot requirements are dictated by police and military commands. Follow these guidelines in concert with what each type of boot has to offer.