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Combat boots are commonly worn by the military during combat missions and training. Since soldiers depend on these boots to aid them in their missions, combat boot buyers, like you, should have extremely high expectations of the footwear you are considering. Below we will go over the different qualities you should expect and demand in the combat boots you plan to wear in the field.

Exceptional Grip on any Surface

One of the most important factors that you must consider is whether or not the boot you are considering will create a great grip on any surface. Without the proper grip, soldiers could lose their footing, which could complicate or risk their mission.

Ankle Stability

Another important requirement of combat boots is that the boot supports the ankle. When running through the desert or climbing up the side of a mountain, soldiers need to know that their military boots can handle the pressures before them. The very best boots will rest above the ankle and will be made of quality materials that will help protect the ankle from rolling.5.11 Tactical Waterproof Boot

Ample Protection in Any Environment

Since soldiers often have to go where no one else would dare, it is important that the combat boots you are considering can handle any type of terrain, especially if the terrain is extremely rugged or dangerous. Great examples of combat boot features that are extremely protective include a steel toe, leather overlays, abrasion resistance, and an YKK side zipper.

Waterproof Protection

Military missions and tasks must be completed in any weather, even rain, snow, sleet, or ice. For this reason, you should make sure you buy combat boots that offer waterproof protection. In addition to waterproofness, you should also choose a boot that features drainage vents too. Drainage vents will allow your boots to dry quicker, allow water and moisture to escape from the boot, and will also increase ventilation in the boot, which means feet will stay drier and healthier as a result. Some of the best waterproof technology on the combat boot market is provided by Gore-Tex. To take advantage of the many benefits provided by Gore-Tex, you should purchase a military boot that features a Gore-Tex liner or a Gore-Tex fabric bootie.

Combat Boots are Available in Multiple Colors

To meet the needs of those in the military, combat boots are available in popular military colors such as desert tan, sage green, black, and brown. Many of these colors are also great for use by first responders such as firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMTs, and many others.

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