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Jungle boots are worn my members of the military all over the world. When you are shopping for military boots, you may come across the term jungle boot, and wonder just exactly what jungle boots are.  In this blog, we will go over exactly what jungle boots are, what type of environment they should be used in, and wear these particular boots are suitable and comfortable to wear.

How Jungle Boots are Different than Other Types of Combat Boots

The biggest difference between jungle boots and other types of military boots are the way this footwear is constructed. To help keep feet dry and to control moisture in a jungle boot this particular footwear is created with vent holes in the instep. Some jungle boot manufacturers will even add canvas uppers to their design. This addition helps to further alleviate moisture in the boot and also increases ventilation. However, debris, dirt, and sand cannot enter the boots through the insteps or drainage vents.

Hot, Wet, and Humid Environments are Easier to Handle with Jungle Boots on Your Feet

Due to their unique design, jungle boots are great for use in hot, wet, and humid environments. Since these environments are most common in jungles, it makes perfect sense that this style of boot is called the jungle boot. Aiding in comfort is the fact that these boots are made to handle tense situations, especially long treks through the jungle.

What You Should Know when you Buy Jungle Boots

When you buy jungle boots, you need to realize that your feet will not stay dry. In jungle situations, it would be nearly impossible to create a boot that would keep feet perfectly dry. However, jungle boots are designed to let this moisture drain, so your feet can stay as comfortable as possible when you are on your feet. Due to their design, jungle boots also dry faster than other types of military boots, which means you may not have to deal with wet feet for days after being submerged.

Jungle Boot Options

When you are shopping for jungle boots in our inventory, you will realize that not all jungle boots are created exactly the same. For instance, some jungle boots are made for tropical jungle environments and others are made for other types of jungles. Different manufacturers will also add different types of soles to their combat boots. One of the most popular jungle boot soles is the Panama sole. In addition to a difference in soles, some of these combat boots will also have different support and protection elements. Some boots may have a steel plate in the toe area and others may use nylon reinforcements to protect the neck of the boot. It is important to think about the types of risks you may experience in the field when you are determining what additional features you would like to see in your jungle boots.

When you need great jungle boots from the best manufacturers in the combat boot industry, you will find exactly what you need in our extensive military boot inventory. If you have any questions about our jungle boots, or our services; please feel free to contact us.