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There’s no surefire way to tell exactly when you’ll have to replace your military boots. Like your truck, the lifespan of your tactical boots has a ton to do with how you wear them, where you wear them, and how many miles you put on them before retiring them. However, anyone can agree, when you begin to doubt your boot’s ability to protect and perform, it’s time to shop for a new pair of boots.

Signs it’s Time to Retire Your Work Boots

Most signs that it’s time to retire your work boots are visual. Below, we’ll go over some visual cues that will let you know it’s time to replace your military boots.

Wear and Tear

If the protective component of the boot starts to show through the leather, your boots are enjoying their last days hitting the pavement. Protective components to keep your eye on include the metatarsal guard, steel shank, reinforced toe, or steel midsole.

Dented Steel or Composite Toe

If you dent your steel toe, it will fail to spring back into place. If this happens, your vulnerable to compression or impact injuries. Composite toe boots are less likely to show physical signs of damage. However, if you experience a major impact or puncture, you need to examine the footwear for damage and replace if your safety is compromised.

Separation at the Seams

If your boots are made with PVC materials or rubber, you might begin to see visible separation at the seams. When this happens, it’s time to get new shoes. Not only are the boots compromised structurally, they won’t look very professional as well.

Worn-Out Tread

When you’re examining the exterior of your military boots, it’s a good time to check out the sole as well. If your tread is getting worn-out, you won’t experience traction and stability as well as you should have. If the tread is smooth, you lose your slip-resistance. After all, you wouldn’t drive a truck in the snow with bald tires, so why would you wear bald military boots.


If you work in damp, wet environments, or exposure to hazardous chemicals and corrosive materials, you need to make sure your boots have no leaks. If you have any leakage, you need to order a new pair of military boots promptly. Remember, it isn’t just about keeping your feet comfortable. In this situation, it’s about keeping them healthy as well. Wet shoes breed bacteria and fungus, which promotes foot disease and infection as well.

We understand the cost of military boots can cause you to delay the purchase. However, once you know how to spot the signs of a worn-out pair of boots, you’ll never want to delay the purchase again. By replacing your work boots when is appropriate, you’re helping to protect your safely on the job.