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When you browse our inventory, you will find many military boot choices are available with a Gore-Tex liner or with Gore-Tex fabric included in the construction. We have created this blog to inform you how a Gore-Tex bootie, liner, or fabric can make your daily task a bit easier to do.

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex is patented, revolutionary technology that allows those who wear something made of Gore-Tex to be extremely dry and comfortable. Gore-Tex works by preventing moisture from making its way into your boot. Whether you are walking through wet grass or marching in a torrential downpour, your feet will stay dry and comfortable when the boots you are wearing feature Gore-Tex technology.

Find Gore-Tex Work Boots in our Inventory

On our website, Gore-Tex is found in many of our most popular work boots, however, Gore-Tex technology is also found in apparel, medical supplies, and much more. In addition to providing waterproof protect, Gore-Tex liners in work boots help to protect against wind and inclement weather, and also allow the foot to breathe, which creates footwear that is extremely easy to wear. Two of the most popular work boots in our inventory that feature Gore-Tex technology are Danner boots and Rocky boots. However, there are many more as well.danner-15200-men-s-8-inch-power-foreman-gtx

The Gore-Tex Promise

Gore-Tex products have been available on the market for a very long time. As a result, Gore-Tex is a name that consumers can trust. According to Gore-Tex, when a product carries their label, you can trust that the product has been tested to meet and exceed industry standards and the product features innovation well beyond its time. As a bonus, Gore-Tex products are extremely protective and comfortable.

Common Gore-Tex Abbreviations and Applications in Footwear

On our website, we often abbreviate Gore-Tex as GTX. It is also important to note that different boots feature Gore-Tex in different applications. For instance, some boots are built with Gore-Tex fabric. This particular boot will be covered in fabric that is resistant to water and wind. Other boots will have a Gore-Tex liner. This liner is applied inside the bootie and in some cases is removable. Another popular way Gore-Tex is applied to work boots in our inventory is through the use of a waterproof bootie. Like the liner, this bootie is often easy to remove or replace if needed.

To learn more about Gore-Tex and the work boots that we carry that feature this technology. Please browse our extensive inventory, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.