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Landscapers must choose the right eye, ear, and foot protection to keep them safe while working. Since June is National Safety Month, we wanted to point out that wearing the right work boots is critical to landscapers and law care contractor’s safety. Below, we will point out the most important features landscapers should consider when buying work boots.

Landscapers should wear a Boot with a Steel Shank

Since landscapers often work on different types of terrain, it is important that these professionals wear a boot with a steel shank. A steel shank will help provide stability on a variety of different terrains, will help the boot retain its shape over time, and also support the arch of your feet.

Choose a Work Boot with Quality Construction

Probably one of the most important features of a landscaper work boot is choosing a boot that is made with quality construction. A good sign of quality construction is a boot that has a Goodyear welt process. This process has been used in the work boot industry for a very long time. The process includes using a welt or strip of leather around the bottom edge of the sole.

Comfort is Key

Landscapers and lawn care contractors often have to work in a variety of different types of weather and depending on the job can be on their feet for a very long time. To ensure you stay comfortable, you need to choose a boot with a comfortable fit. Put simply, if a shoe is not comfortable to wear, you shouldn’t wear it.

Make sure the Work Boot you Choose Meets Job Site Safety Standards

To ensure you are staying legit, you need to make sure the boot meets your employer’s safety standards. To do this, find out if your job requires the use of steel toe, composite toe, or any other safety features. If so, check out the product specifications of the boots you are choosing to make sure they meet these needs.

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