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For the last 15 years, boot manufacturers have focused their jungle boot efforts in making sure the footwear can handle the effects of desert sand. However, times are changing – especially in the Marine Corps. Rumor has it, the Marine Corps sea bag has a new boot in mind. What is it, you ask? It’s a jungle boot that is designed to handle the challenges Marines face in jungle climates.

Hunt for a Tropical Weather Boot Started in December 2015

We may just now be hearing about the Marine’s plans to revolutionize the classic jungle boot, but the search actually started in December 2015. Commandant Gen. Robert Neller envisioned the jungle boot optional footwear as something Marines could purchase based on need. But, the tide has changed, and the Marines are now considering a tropical design to replace the hot-weather combat boot entirely. What this means is if the change is put in place, Marines will be issued a tropical boot instead of a hot-weather boot.

Why a Change in Marine Footwear is Needed

Neller has worked with Marine clothing experts to design footwear that would better serve those enlisted. Specifically, Neller wanted a boot that was more durable, lighter, and had a faster drying time than options currently on the market. He also asked manufacturers to create a self-cleaning outsole that would shed dirt and mud on its own. Lastly, he wanted the boot to be resoleable extending durability. With a resoleable sole, a Marine would have the option of taking the boots to a cobbler for repair rather than purchasing another pair.

How Long Before Tropical Weather Boots may be Standard Issue?

If you’re on the fence about when to buy your next pair of hot weather boots, it’s important to note that the tropical weather boots as standard issue for Marines is probably at least a year or so away. While Marines wait for a lighter, longer-lasting military boot, the prototypes will be put through dozens of field test. In the summer of 2017, Marines in San Diego and Hawaii will be wearing tropical weather prototypes to see how they compare in comfort and durability. In total, there are four manufactures in the race to get the tropical weather footwear contract including Danner, Bates Footwear, Rocky, and Altama.

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