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Jungle boots were created nearly 70 years ago. Today, this type of boot is still worn by soldiers all over the globe. Although the technology and some of the craftsmanship used to create the boots has changed over time, jungle boots have remained popular because of the timeless and useful design.

World War II Soldiers needed a Military Boot for Unusual Terrain

Jungle boots were created out of need. During World War II, soldiers were struggling with difficult terrain in Panama. The climate in Panama was extremely damp and surrounded by streams and rivers. Unfortunately, the traditional military issues combat boot wasn’t sufficient for managing this difficult terrain. In fact, many soldiers were suffering from “jungle foot, “ a dangerous bacterial or fungus infection that could make it impossible for soldiers to wear their boots. Jungle foot occurred because traditional combat boots filled with moisture or water, which later lead to infection. Eventually, the jungle boot was created and reduced the risk of infection due to wet boots dramatically. altama 8553 men panama boot

Jungle Boots are made for Tropical Environments

Although the boots were initially created for World War II soldiers, the footwear became the go-to boot for anybody who was entering a tropical environment. By design the jungle boot was able to dry quickly and featured a unique outsole, the Panama outsole, which made it easier for soldiers to travel on uneven, rocky, or unpredictable terrain.

Jungle Features Bonuses over the Years

As mentioned above, the basic design of the jungle boot has been the same for generations. However, the technology used in these boots has evolved. Today, some boot companies have added different types of shanks, puncture resistance protections, and even developed a jungle boot that was able to handle desert conditions too.

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