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When you ask soldiers what their favorite pair of military boot is chances are it will be in the Danner family of products. More specifically, it will probably be a Danner Desert boot. The most popular Danner Desert boot is the Acadia. This tan tactical boot is made for tough situations in even rougher conditions. Learn more about the Danner Desert Acadia in this blog.

Danner Desert Acadia Boots are Built to Handle Tough Situations and Last

When Danner created the Desert Acadia line, they envisioned the toughest situations in the worst conditions. The Danner Desert Acadia will stand up to just about anything you put it through and will last.

Desert Acadia Boots are Great in Inclement Conditions

Danner created the Acadia boots specifically for use in in extremely hot or extremely cold climates. To make sure these boots would stand up in either condition, Danner used rough-out leather and added strong nylon construction. This unique combination of materials creates durability that is resistant to both mildew and moisture. A Gore-Tex liner is added to help keep feet dry and on the sole, Danner added their signature Vibram Sierra outsole.

The Vibram Sierra Outsole will Help You Stay on Your Feet

Many soldiers and first responders opt for Danner boots, specifically because many of their boots feature the Vibram Sierra outsole. This outsole is created with multi-directional lugs that provide surefootedness in a variety of different terrains. Additionally, the Vibram Sierra outsole is capable of providing superior grip and unmatched comfortability.

Danner Boots are American Made

Another huge bonus associated with Danner boots is the fact that these boots are made in America. As a result, Danner Desert boots are the first choice of police and military here and abroad.

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