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No one wants to do anything with feet, especially when you are wearing work boots. Gore-Tex knows this and understands how important it is to keep your feet dry. For this reason, it’s important to choose a military boot, tactical boot, or everyday work boot created with Gore-Tex technology. Below, we will go over the benefits of Gore-Tex technology.

Gore-Tex uses ePTFE to Keep Your Feet Dry

The reason Gore-Tex products are able to keep your feet, hands, and body warm is thanks to ePTFE, also known as expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. This technology was created by Bore gore, in 1969, and is incredibly microporous, strong, and allows for low-water absorption. In 1978, Gore-Tex fabric was introduced to the world and has been used by many ever since.

Gore-Tex Membrane

One of the hallmarks of the Gore-Tex brand is the Gore-Tex membrane. This membrane allows the product it is placed in to be waterproof and breathable at the same time. In a Gore-Tex membrane, there are 9 billion microscopic pores. These pores will not allow water to penetrate it, but do allow  moisture vapor to escape.

Gore-Tex is Extremely Durable

Another important aspect of Gore-Tex products is the fact that this material is extremely  durable. Gore-Tex fabric is incredibly tough and guaranteed to perform even when put to the test. The best part about Gore-Tex material in work boots is the fact that this high-technology material doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. In fact, you can wash Gore-Tex fabric several times without risking changing the effectiveness of the fabric.

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