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Understanding Hybrid Tactical Boots from Merrell

Understanding Hybrid Tactical Boots from Merrell

Posted on Jul 19, 2015 in Merrell | 0 comments

If you hike, camp, run, or just enjoy the outdoors, you should consider hybrid tactical boots? This type of footwear is ideal for survivalist and those that venture out in dangerous conditions or climates. Merrell’s Moab series offer everything you need to stay safe and protected; no matter where your next adventure takes you. Once you invest in Merrell’s Moab series boots, you will be kicking yourself from not transitioning earlier.

Merrell Moab Boots Appeal to Many Different Markets

Merrell’s Moab series is incredibly diverse and capable of handling high priority lifestyles with ease. The advanced hybrid tactical boot is created for use at work, outside, and even in extremely wet areas thanks to dura leather and mesh uppers.

Moab Boots at Work

When you wear Moab hybrid footwear at work, you are getting reliable shoes that will help you stay relaxed and protected during your entire shift. The multi-purpose shoe will help your feet stay rested and keep you on your feet as well.

Hybrid Footwear Outside

Merrell has created the best technology to allow you to wear Moab boots anywhere you choose. Whether you are wearing the boots to work and hitting the trails immediately after, or you’re a survivalist who wants to be ready for anything, you won’t go wrong with Merrell footwear on your feet. The Moab shoes are ideal for running, camping, hiking, and even climbing.

Moab Shoes are Waterproof

Inside or outside, there is always a chance your feet can get wet, and Merrell understands this. To help you be comfortable at work or play, Moab shoes are created with waterproof materials, mesh and dura-leather, to help your feet stay as dry as possible. On the soles, Merrell added Vibram rubber outsoles to help you create traction and stay upright in slippery situations.

Merrell Boot Features

We’ve already bragged about Merrell Moab’s waterproof features, Vibram outsoles, and hybrid capabilities. Now it’s time to dive into the other amazing features these boots offer outdoor enthusiasts and others. When you purchase Merrell boots, you can expect:

  • Bellowed tongues
  • Synthetic leather toe caps
  • Heel counters
  • Aegis anti-microbial treatments
  • Sole lugs
  • Men and women’s sizes
  • EVA footframes (compression molded)
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of colors to choose from

To be sure you get what you want and need from the Merrell Moab series you need to make sure you check the product description from any footwear you choose in our online store.

Now that you know what Merrell Moab footwear has to offer you, you are ready to make your investment. Get your multi-purpose hybrid shoes from Military Boot Super Store today and enjoy free shipping on any Continental US order over $50.

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Order Merrell Boots from Military Boot Super Store Today

Order Merrell Boots from Military Boot Super Store Today

Posted on Dec 14, 2014 in Merrell | 0 comments

At Military Boot Super Store, we only carry the best tactical boots on the market. Merrell boots have been worn and loved by men and women in a variety of careers for decades, and for that we offer them in our online store. We LOVE Merrell boots so much that we offer a variety of different series of Merrell boots. Further versatility is added by providing tons of different options in each series. When you need a comfortable boot that fits like an athletic shoe, you can’t go wrong with Merrell boots and you won’t find a better price on this footwear anywhere else.

Merrell Chameleon Boots Online

Merrell Chameleon boots are available online at great prices in our store. These tough, durable boots are created with Vibram technology, unmatched stability, and traction control that you need in the field. With Vibram technology incorporated into the design, you can count on staying on your feet in uneven terrain. These Merrell boots are also weather-resistant and have a comfortable EVA dual density footbed too. With an EVA footbed, you will achieve shock resistance with each and every step. There are many Chameleon boots to choose from in our online store – check them out today.

The Merrell Moab Series

If you are looking for a boot that is a cross between an athletic shoe and a hiking boot, you can count on the Moab series from Merrell to provide you with exactly what you need. The Moab boots are popular with operators, servicemen, and just about anyone else that puts them on their feet. When you  wear Moab hybrid boots on your feet, you will be protected by an Aegis anti-microbial treatment, and durable leather and mesh construction. Merrell added a Vibram outsole to the bottom of the Moab series boots, and this construction provides traction and grip that you need!

Phaser Peak Boots from Merrell

Phaser Peak boots from Merrell are made for performance, even on uneven terrain or in inclement weather. Merrell added Nubuck leather uppers to this series and added a waterproof membrane for protection from the elements and the anti-rust bronze hook and loop lacing system makes lacing up easy and will last for a very long time. Comfortability for hours is possible thanks to Merrell’s unique Air Cushion heel and the nylon grade 4 insole will relieve pressure, even under heavy loads.

Shop for Merrell Boots at Military Boot Super Store

Get Merrell boots for the best prices at Military Boot Super Store today! We have dozens of Merrell boots in the series mentioned above at the lowest prices you will find. Order today and get free shipping on all boot orders over $50!

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