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How to Replace Shoelaces With Paracord

How to Replace Shoelaces With Paracord

Posted on Mar 22, 2015 in Latest News | 0 comments

Everyone has seen paracord bracelets, but how many of you have considered replacing your shoelaces with paracord to keep you safe, if you end up in an emergency situation. Here, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to replace shoelaces with paracord.

Items Needed to Replace Shoelaces with Paracord

Before you begin replacing traditional shoelaces with paracord, you will need the following items:

  • 550 paracord about 4 feet per shoe (varies by type of shoe)
  • Traditional shoelaces (for comparison)
  • Scissor, pocket knife, or other cutting tool
  • Pair of shoes
  • Lighter

Step 1: Measure and Cut Paracord

The first step in replacing shoelaces with paracord is to measure and cut the paracord. To do this, grab the traditional shoelaces that originally belonged to the shoe you are going to lace with paracord. Straighten the traditional laces as much as possible and then lay the paracord next to the traditional shoelace. Cut the paracord so that it is at the same length of the shoelace. Your measurements don’t have to be perfect, but it is incredibly important to be as close as possible.

Step 2: Seal the Paracord

After you have measured out the paracord you will need, it’s time to seal the paracord. Sealing the paracord is very important because unsealed paracord will eventually fray and begin to unravel. To avoid this simply grab a lighter and hold it near the end of the paracord. The heat from the paracord will seal the end and prevent it from coming unraveled. Sealing the ends of the paracord before you move on to step 2 will also make it extremely easy to thread the paracord through eyelets.

Step 3: Lace Shoes or Boots with Paracord

Now that you have sealed the end of the paracord, it is time to lace up your shoes or boots. The way you lace your shoes or boots is totally up to you, but you’ll find that lacing is a bit slower with paracord than traditional laces. Once your boots or shoes are laced up with paracord, you are ready to tie your laces and move on with your day to day activities.

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President Obama’s Vehicle is a Beast

President Obama’s Vehicle is a Beast

Posted on Mar 10, 2015 in Latest News | 0 comments

You’ve probably seen pictures of President Obama’s vehicle in news reports or possibly in person, but did you know this vehicle is nicknamed “The Beast,” and for good reason. This 18-foot vehicle is like a fortress on wheels. Learn more about the President’s impressive motorcade car from Military Boot Store’s blog.

Facts about the President’s Vehicle

  • The weight of the vehicle is classified
  • Measures a whopping 18 feet long
  • Cabin is completely sealed
  • Steel plate under the car protects against bombs and grenades
  • Nicknamed “The Beast”
  • President Bush’s limousine motorcade vehicle is currently used as a back-up to President Obama’s
  • Stands 5’ 10” tall
  • Fuel tank is insulated with foam
  • The Beast entered into service on January 20, 2009
  • Limousine based on the Cadillac DTS
  • Tires are Kevlar enforced and puncture resistant
  • If the Good Year Run-Flat tires blow, steel rims would keep the vehicle rolling
  • Made of steel, ceramic, aluminum, and titanium
  • Uses Cadillac Escalade side mirrors and headlights
  • Limousine is transported in a C-17 Globemaster III
  • When abroad, the president’s vehicle displays the American flag and the home country’s flag
  • Always parked strategically to create a barricade between the President and crowds
  • 5-inch thick bulletproof windshield (technology is classified)
  • Trunk holds firefighting gear, oxygen, and the President’s type blood
  • Only window that opens is the driver’s window (only goes down 3 inches)
  • Night vision and tear gas cannons are hidden in the front
  • Experts estimate the vehicle cost around $1,500,000 (no official price tag has ever been announced)

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Miami Police Dogs Get Life-Saving Gear

Miami Police Dogs Get Life-Saving Gear

Posted on Feb 2, 2015 in Latest News | 0 comments

On Friday, Miami’s K-9 unit dogs walked out of the police department wearing some brand new gear. This gear is designed to help keep the K-9s safe when working. Learn more about the bullet and stab proof vests donated to the Miami K-9 unit here.

Pet Armor was Donated to Miami K-9 Unit

The new K-9 gear was donated to the Miami police department by a company called Pet Armor. This Armor is stab proof and bulletproof, which will help keep Miami police dogs safer. Miami’s Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes explained that the police department wanted to make a big show of the new police gear because they believe it is important to showcase donations. When people help the department, the Miami police department wants everyone to know about it.

Fallen K-9 Officer was Remembered During Showcase

Police Chief Llanes also took a moment to remember a fallen K-9 officer during the new gear showcase. Altas, a K-9 officer, died in 2000 as a result of a gunshot wound that he received in the line of duty. Atlas was shot and killed while chasing an armed carjacking suspect. Altas’ handler, Officer Cooper, deployed the K-9 to arrest the suspect. When the two officers closed in on the suspect, the suspect turned and shot Altas point blank. Atlas was rushed to the vet and underwent surgery. Unfortunately, he died a few hours later. The suspect is now serving a life sentence.

Miami K-9 Officers are Wearing New Design

The new K-9 bulletproof vests are unique because of their design. The new design allows K-9 officers to enjoy ballistic protection in the field. Had the department been required to purchase the ballistic canine vests, it would have cost the department $950 each. However, thanks to a donation from Pet Armor, the police department was able to get the gear for free.

Military Boot Superstore Salutes Pet Armor

At the Military Boot Superstore, we salute Pet Armor’s donation to keep Miami’s K-9 unit safer in the field. We specialize in quality police boots and tactical boots for military, first responders, and outdoor enthusiasts.


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Nick Lavery is Selfless, Courageous, and an American Hero

Nick Lavery is Selfless, Courageous, and an American Hero

Posted on Nov 30, 2014 in Latest News | 0 comments

Staff Sergeant Nick Lavery is a Boston College High School graduate from the University of Massachusetts. At 6 feet 5 inches tall, Lavery easily fills doorways with his presence. Recently, the 32-year-old staff sergeant, who is stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, visited his family to accept the James E. Cotter Courage award from BC High. In addition to the James E. Cotter Courage Award, Lavery has a few other medals to his name including a Bronze Star with Valor, a Bronze Star, a Silver Star, and three Purple Hearts.

Nick Lavery is Courageous and Selfless

When Lavery speaks of his service in the Army Special Forces, which he joined right after college in 2007,  everyone listens. Lavery’s first deployment was to Afghanistan in 2011. In the fall of 2012, his team traveled to Wardak, which was a hotspot for fighting. In October of 2012, Lavery took shrapnel to the shoulder from a rocket-propelled grenade. According to Lavery, the grenade left a lemon-sized hole in his shoulder, but he refused to be evacuated. Instead, he plugged the hole with gauze and was eventually sent to Bagram Air Base to be treated for his wounds.

Lavery is Injured Again in November 2012

In November 2012, Lavery was riding in a truck when another truck in his unit was hit by a roadside bomb. Despite the fact that enemies were firing at the truck, Lavery ran to the aid of his comrades. In fact, Lavery neutralized two shooters and took after a third that tried to flee. As Lavery chased the third shooter, he was hit by a bullet…in the face. Knowing that his brothers in arms were in trouble, Lavery ran to the truck that was hit. The truck was on fire and Lavery was certain the members of his unit were dead, but he searched anyways. Lavery was astonished to find Captain Nieman in the rubble of the bombing and awake. Others in the truck were blown out of the truck, but also survived the bombing. Nieman’s legs were mangled, he had a severed artery in his arm, and ammunition in the truck started going off because of the heat from the fire, but Lavery didn’t give up and rescued the Captain. Eventually, Captain Nieman lost the lower half of his right leg because of injuries, but he credits Nick Lavery with saving his life. At 6 feet 6 inches tall and a good 370 lbs. with all his gear on, Nick Lavery was the only person that was big enough and strong enough to get the injured Captain out of the burning truck.

Lavery Lost Part of His Right Leg in March 2013

When a young soldier froze after an Afghan police officer opened fire with a machine gun, Lavery put himself between the teenage soldier and the shooter.  Lavery tackled the young soldier and dragged him behind a truck for cover. At this time, Lavery was shot in the legs several times and his femoral artery was severed. Lavery knew he would be dead in minutes if he didn’t stop the bleeding, so he grabbed a tourniquet and tied himself off. Some of Lavery’s team was killed, including the person that had taken over for the injured Captain Nieman. Eventually, about an hour after the attack, a helicopter arrived and Lavery was transported for medical care.

Struggling to Survive

When Lavery arrived at the Army base, his body began to shut down. Further investigation into his situation revealed that Lavery had been given six units of the wrong blood type. Lavery’s blood type was listed on his boots, uniform stickers, and dog tags, but the mistake was still made. After 20 surgeries, a full blood transfusion and transfer to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Lavery was discharged and began his rehab with a prosthetic leg.

Medical Retirement Not an Option for American Hero

After sustaining such serious injuries, Lavery was offered medical retirement, but said no. Instead, he is the tactical combat instructor at Fort Bragg. Here, Lavery works with other soldiers and continues to train so he can someday return to combat.

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