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Get Danner Desert Boots from Military Boot Superstore

Get Danner Desert Boots from Military Boot Superstore

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 in Desert Boots | 0 comments

When you ask soldiers what their favorite pair of military boot is chances are it will be in the Danner family of products. More specifically, it will probably be a Danner Desert boot. The most popular Danner Desert boot is the Acadia. This tan tactical boot is made for tough situations in even rougher conditions. Learn more about the Danner Desert Acadia in this blog.

Danner Desert Acadia Boots are Built to Handle Tough Situations and Last

When Danner created the Desert Acadia line, they envisioned the toughest situations in the worst conditions. The Danner Desert Acadia will stand up to just about anything you put it through and will last.

Desert Acadia Boots are Great in Inclement Conditions

Danner created the Acadia boots specifically for use in in extremely hot or extremely cold climates. To make sure these boots would stand up in either condition, Danner used rough-out leather and added strong nylon construction. This unique combination of materials creates durability that is resistant to both mildew and moisture. A Gore-Tex liner is added to help keep feet dry and on the sole, Danner added their signature Vibram Sierra outsole.

The Vibram Sierra Outsole will Help You Stay on Your Feet

Many soldiers and first responders opt for Danner boots, specifically because many of their boots feature the Vibram Sierra outsole. This outsole is created with multi-directional lugs that provide surefootedness in a variety of different terrains. Additionally, the Vibram Sierra outsole is capable of providing superior grip and unmatched comfortability.

Danner Boots are American Made

Another huge bonus associated with Danner boots is the fact that these boots are made in America. As a result, Danner Desert boots are the first choice of police and military here and abroad.

Order Danner Boots from Military Boot Super Store and Get Free Shipping

Our inventory is full of Danner boots. We have priced all the desert boots in our inventory at fair prices and offer free shipping on all orders over $50. Browse our inventory today and order the boots you need to be confident and comfortable at work.

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Learn more about Desert Boots from 5.11 Tactical

Posted on Apr 11, 2014 in Desert Boots | 0 comments

If you are working in desert-like conditions, you know that you need a pair of tactical boots that can handle this time of pressure. 5.11 Tactical has proved time and time again that they are capable of creating quality desert boots that are suitable for wear by soldiers in intensely hot and sandy conditions. To learn more about desert boots from 5.11 Tactical, check out the information provided below.

5.11 Tactical Desert Boot Choices

When you browse our inventory, you will notice that we have a variety of different desert boots to choose from. The most popular desert boots in our inventory can be found in the following 5.11 Tactical series.

  • Pursuit Advance
  • Xprt 2.0 Tactical Desert Urban
  • 5.11 RECON Desert
  • Taclite
  • ATAC

All of these desert boots are available in tan, rough out leather. To ensure we can meet the needs of any wearer, we include both 6-inch and 8-inch desert boots in our inventory. 511 Tactical mens recon desert boot

Why you should choose Desert Boots form 5.11 Tactical

When shopping for desert boots, you have many choices. In this section, we will explain why you should choose desert boots from 5.11 Tactical Boot Company. 5.11 Tactical has a reputation of creating footwear and gear that provides operators with performance, speed, accuracy, and safety. Not only does this company make gear and apparel for soldiers, but firefighters, police, and volunteers can also benefit from wearing 5.11 Tactical desert boots on their feet.

Buy 5.11 Tactical Desert Boots at the Military Boot Super Store

When you shop our online store, you will see that we carry a variety of 5.11 Tactical desert boots. As mentioned above, we offer these boots in a variety of different heights, and also offer a wide variety of sizes and widths to choose from. In addition to quality and choice, we also offer all of these combat boots at truly competitive prices and ship all orders over $50 for free. Check out our huge inventory of tactical boots today and you will have them shipped to your front door in just a few days.

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Belleville makes great Desert Boots

Belleville makes great Desert Boots

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 in Desert Boots | 0 comments

If you are looking for great work boots to wear in the desert, you should check out Belleville’s 390DES hot weather combat boots. These desert boots are made to handle intense weather conditions and will last a very long time. To find out why you should consider these Belleville boots, check out the anatomy of a Belleville hot weather boot below.belleville 310 mens hot weather tactical boot

The Anatomy of Belleville Hot Weather Boots

Belleville Hot Weather boots are made to handle tough desert environments thanks to their unique anatomy and construction.

  • The fully gusseted tongue of this Belleville boot is able to prevent debris and dirt from entering the boot, and a padded collar makes the desert boot easy to wear for long periods of time.
  • The exterior of the boot is covered in nylon. This unique type of construction will allow you to enjoy durability and breathability while also reducing the risk of tearing.
  • A molded heel counter provides ankle support.
  • Amazing traction is provided by a Vibram Sierra outsole that is very durable
  • Expect dry feet in any condition thanks to a twill vamp liner that allows moisture to evaporate quickly
  • Toe box is made of field grade material for maximum protection
  • A Vanguard running sole will allow you to enjoy the comfort of a running shoe in a hot weather boot
  • Boot will distribute your impact from the heel-to-toe, which makes it great for use on terrain often found in hot environments
  • Arch insert is contoured for comfortability in the field
  • A fiberglass shank provides stability and underfoot support
  • The direct injected midsole will allow you to enjoy shock absorption and flexibility no matter where your shift takes you

Hot Weather Desert Boots from Belleville are great for a Variety of Careers

Obviously, hot weather boots from Belleville are ideal military boots. However, these boots can be worn by many different occupations including first responders, construction workers, factory workers, and those that need a protective work boot everyday. The hot weather construction of this boot, there is no liner, will allow you to wear these boots for long periods of time comfortably. To learn more about Belleville Hot Weather Boots, check out the 390 DES Hot Weather Tan Combat boot in our inventory. If you have any questions about this boot, any Belleville boot, or boots from other brands on our website, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the best footwear purchase for your feet and your career.

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