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Belleville boots are one of the most popular brands in our online store. While all Belleville footwear is durable and made to last, the men’s Hot Weather Tan Combat boots are our best seller. To learn more about this durable military boot, check out the information below.

Belleville 390DES is a Comfortable, Hot Weather Boot

If you are marching through hot weather and rough terrain, you need the right footwear. In this situation, the hot weather 390DES is the perfect choice for your career. Part of the reason this combat boot is so comfortable is because it is created with excellent craftsmanship, a Vanguard Sierra rubber outsole, and built to be breathable too. This boot is extremely breathable because it has no lining.

Vibram Sierra Outsole Grips the Ground Anywhere

Adding to the wearability of this tactical boot in any situation is the fact that this hot weather combat boot is created with a Vibram Sierra outsole. This unique rubber outsole is capable of gripping the ground no matter where you go, which makes it perfect for use on sandy, uneven, or difficult terrain.

Check out our Demo Videos in Our Online Store

We understand that buying military boots online can be intimidating because you can’t see or feel the boots before you purchase them. To take the fear out of buying, we have created our very own YouTube channel with demo videos. To learn more about our bestselling Belleville boots, check out the demo video below.

Belleville Combat Boots Measure 8-Inches Tall

The Belleville men’s Hot Weather Tan Combat boot measures 8-inches tall, which makes it the perfect height for soldiers. The tan boot is also offered in men’s half and whole sizes from 2 to 16, which means you will be able to find the perfect size – no matter how big or small your feet are. To learn more about the Belleville Hot Weather combat boot in tan, check it out in our online store. We are also SAM-Approved and our customer service team is full of talented members that will gladly help you complete any order – bigger or small.


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