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Paracord has been available for years, but have you ever considered what you can do with it. Those that have already used it are usually in love with it. If you’re ready to start a love affair with paracord, you need to know all the things you can do with this invention. Not only can you have fun making key fobs, bracelets, belts, and other crafts with paracord, but you can do other useful survival techniques too. First, let’s go into detail about what paracord is.

What is Paracord Made of?

Paracord is a nylon rope. It is extremely lightweight and was first used by parachute jumpers during WWII. Soldiers found this miracle rope extremely useful. Soon after, soldiers and civilians started finding reasons to use the cord for everyday tasks. If you see paracord being referred to as Paracord 550, it means it has a breaking strength of 550lbs. Wow, is that strong!

How is Paracord Sold?

You can buy paracord just about anywhere. Paracord is usually sold in 100’ or 50’ lengths. For large projects, it can be purchased by the spool. It comes in many different colors. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts often use the cord to make survival bracelets, which is several feet of paracord woven into a wearable bracelet that can be worn in the field.

Paracord Purposes

Paracord is used for securing things, removing debris, strapping things together, or can even be used as a harness for a person. If needed, paracord could be used as a tourniquet to stop bleeding. You can even unravel the cord to use as fishing line or thread a needle to sew on a button. Below, is a huge, but not exclusive list of paracord purposes.
• Secure a tent
• Securing tarps to trees
• Hanging tools from your belt or neck
• Secure things to a backpack
• Securing a splint
• Create a belt to hold up your pants
• Make a sling
• Use as shoelaces
• Repair a broken zipper pull
• Creating a tow line
• Carrying a lanyard
• Clothesline
• Hanging something off the ground
• Creating a pulley system
• Making snares or traps
• Replacing missing strings
• Securing rolling items
• Tie objects together for easy transport
• Make a rope
• Rig a hammock
• Bundle stuff together
• Tie plants to stakes
• Pet collar and leash
• Secure a poncho for better coverage
• Tying stuff down, so it won’t blow away
• Creating a trip wire
• Makeshift hand cuffs
• Emergency dental floss
• Use as suture material

Paracord Shoelaces for Military Boots

One of our favorite purposes for paracord is as shoelaces for military boots. You need shoelaces, so why not use paracord anyways. This way you have paracord to use if you need it and your boots are staying laces as well too. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.