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When it comes to military footwear, you have to choose wisely. Wearing the right military boots can be the difference between a blissful 12-miler and five days of blisters. Luckily, there are a few ways you can break in your boots, which will make it easier to wear. Below, we’ll go over how to break boots fast and easy.

Identify Friction Points

As soon as your new boots arrive, you need to try them on. Wearing normal tactical boots isn’t the same as buying a new pair of sneakers. Instead, you have to really take time with the boots to make them fit right. What this means is you can’t just put them on and take a few steps around the living room. Instead, you really need to wear the boots before you can determine if they’re right for you. When you first put the boots on, you need to determine if there are any friction points.

Some friction points can be caused by a flaw in stitching or not wearing the right socks with the proper boots. If you wear the boot a few times and it’s still uncomfortable, you may need to move onto the next brand or swap it out for a different size.

A Tight Boot Will Never Stretch Enough to be Comfortable

Many people will try on a boot that feels tight and assume that it will stretch enough to be comfortable. While this is kind of true, it’s important to remember that the boot will never stretch enough to be comfortable, if it’s the wrong size.

The same goes for a military boot that is too big. Usually, you can wear a boot that is about a half size too big easily. But if the boot is more than a half size big, it won’t magically shrink. Wearing different socks may help with the boot being too big, but it won’t magically fix a sizing problem.

Wear the Boots for Day to Day Tasks before Handling Major Tasks

Before you tackle a grueling 12-miler, you need to make sure your boots fit right and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Instead of busting them out of the box for a trying task wear the boots to do simple day to day tasks. You don’t have to do anything grueling, but make sure to put a few miles on the footwear to make sure they feel great.

After a few days of daily wear, the military boot will begin to shape to your foot. Evidence of breaking in your boots begins in the toes and works its way to the top of the foot and eventually the heel. If you feel any pressure on the top of your foot – try working with the laces. Really tight lacing can cause undo pressure on your foot and make the boot feel uncomfortable. If you can’t get the tension in the laces right, try crosslacing for better comfort.

Dunk, Drench, or Fill Boots with Water

Another common practice used to break in footwear is to dunk, drench, or fill boots with water. The reason this is so popular is because it allows the leather to be saturated, which can cause a form fitting feel to the foot. Any boot made with leather will respond to this process because it allows the leather to shrink, which creates a formed fit around the foot.

If you want to try this, it’s important to do it on a sunny day and use lean water. Only allow the boot to soak up water for a few minutes before draining it. Summer boots and winter boots will react differently to this process, so it’s important to keep that in mind. Next, put the boots on with rucking socks and wear them until the footwear has dried completely. It takes time for this process to complete, but many people swear this is the best way to break in a pair of leather boots.

No matter how you choose to break in your new boots, it’s important to remember that forcing your foot to fit in an uncomfortable boot will only cause you pain. Foot and calf pain will only get worse if the military boots aren’t broken in or simply don’t fit.