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Have you ever ended up with bloody, swollen, or blistered feet after a ruck march? It’s part of life when you’re in the military. Eventually, your feet will adapt, but you’ll suffer the pain until you break the boots in. Marines, Airmen, and Sailors all perform ruck marches, and they all end up with painful feet. Thankfully, choosing the best military boots for ruck marching can help alleviate the pain and make your marches more comfortable.

Our Favorite 12-Mile Boots

At Military Boot Super Store, we’re always researching the best footwear options for our online store. We’ve chosen the best 12-mile boots here.
•    Reebok Dauntless – The Dauntless is one of the newer 12-mile boots on the market, but it’s built with a great history. The Reebok boot has an athletic feel with increased durability. The sole of the boot is sturdy and offers ventilation that will keep you comfortable during the entire march. A decreased heel-to-toe drop makes running easy, and the heel cup is exactly what you need when you’re traveling long distances.
•    Danner Tachyon – The Tachyon from Danner is one of the lightest boots on the market. Soldiers have stated it feels more like a pair of slippers than a tactical boot, which makes it an excellent choice for ruck marches. Because Danner created the Tachyon, it’s been trusted for years and one of the best options available.
If you’re not looking for a 12-miler boot, but would rather have an objective-based boot for a ruck run, we have those too. Check out some of our favorite objective-based boots below. It’s important to remember an objective-based boot is better worn in combat and bad weather such as mud, hail, rain, and sleet.
Objective-Based Boot Choices
If you’re looking for a military boot that can withstand anything, we have you covered. There are lots of options on the market, but we prefer footwear choices from Rocky and Belleville.

Rocky S2V– The S2V boot is one of the best selling boots on the market in the US. It’s viable, so it’s ideal for wear in cold weather. With this footwear, you’ll be able to tackle streams, climb mountains, or just get through the swampy terrain in Florida. The best part is no matter where you go; you can expect to get through it without any blisters – even when you’re carrying heavy loads on your back. The S2V is also available with enhancements that make it easier to wear.
Belleville 600 ST – The Belleville 600 ST is excellent for everyday wear because it uses durability and ultralight construction. It makes carrying heavy loads easy and is built with the best craftsmanship in history.
At Military Boot Super Store, we want to help you stay comfortable. Whether you’re getting ready for combat or preparing for a ruck march, we have exactly what you need. If you have questions or would like us to help you choose what’s right for you – give us a call. We’re ready to help.