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Whether you’re walking, working, or exploring the tough terrain, you need to count on your footwear to increase your underfoot stability. Dry or murky ever changing weather can turn a regular work day into a nightmare. But, if you have the right work boots, your adventures or shifts will be easier to tackle. To get the most for your money, we’ve provided some tips to help you choose footwear with the best features of a rugged work boot.

Rugged Work Boot Features

To be considered one of our favorite work boots, footwear needs to have many unique features. The most important features of a work boot revolve around the safety toe, soles, and appearance. Not all boots will have the same features, but you need to look specifically at the toes, soles, and what the boot likes like.

Safety Toe Features

Safety toes can be steel, aluminum, or composite. If you don’t need a safety toe, you’ll choose a soft toe. If a protective toe is required for your work or your protection, you’ll select one of the choices above. What will help you choose the material you should select include the tasks you plan to complete and the temperature in the environment you will be working in.
For example, if you are at significant risk of compression or compact injuries and work in a cold environment, you should choose a work boot with a steel safety toe. On the other hand, if you need a safety toe to protect from injuries, but your environment doesn’t get frigid, you can probably choose an aluminum toe boot. When compared head to head, a steel toe and aluminum toe boot will protect just about the same, but aluminum toe shoes will be lighter than others. Once you’ve decided what protective toe is right, it’s time to think about the soles of your new work boot.

How to Choose the Best Sole for a Work Boot

You’ve narrowed down your work boot choices by selecting a protective toe. Now, it’s time to look at the soles of the boots you’ve narrowed it down to. The most popular choices you’ll see in our online store include those with a rubber, ethylene vinyl acetate, or polyurethane soles.
Rubber soles are a favorite work boot choice because they are resistant to slips. Ethylene vinyl acetate is another excellent choice because it’s light and extremely flexible. Lastly, polyurethane is resistant to chemicals. Consider all the options and how they apply to your work environment. By doing this, you can easily choose a sole/protective toe combo that will meet your needs. But, you’re not done yet. To avoid buyer’s remorse, you also must consider appearances. Naturally, we don’t expect you to choose boots just based on looks, but you may have uniform requirements such as black boots.
If you’re choosing a work boot that is lightly colored, you also may want to consider the materials you work with daily. For instance, if you work with oil or gas on a regular basis, you probably don’t want to choose a tan boot. But, don’t let color choices get you down. Most boot options in our online store are offered in many colors including black, brown, and green.

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