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If you are tired of wearing mesh uppers on your Army boot, you aren’t alone. When the new AR-670-1 went into effect, it also changed the ways soldiers put on their boots. The new regulations require all-leather boots. The military boots must also be about 8 to 10” tall. Additionally, the boots must be made of tan, flesh-side out cattle hide leather, rubber and polyurethane soles, and a plain toe. The uppers and sole must match in color and there can be no mesh fabric on the boot. Below are AR 670-1 Authorized Army Boots from Military Boot Super Store.

Reebok’s 8-Inch Dauntless Boot

Reebok’s 8-inch Dauntless boot meets AR 670-1 uniform requirements. The boot is 8-inches tall and is perfect for use in hot weather conditions. An Aegis microbe liner reduces bacteria, fungus, and odors. Laces are made of 550 paracord and the sole matches the entire color of the boot.

Rocky S2V Boot

The Rocky S2V boot is eight inches tall and meets AR 670-1 requirements. The boot has also been treated with PTFE to make it flame resistant. The Vibram outsole matches the color of the boot and no mesh has been added.

Belleville 390DES Boot

The Belleville 390DES boot is created at a standard 8-inches and is made with tan and Cordura nylon uppers. The soles match the boot, and no mesh has been added. When you wear this AR 670-1 boot, you can expect to stay comfortable and protected with every step you take.

Tactical Research Khyber Mountain Hybrid Boot

The Tactical Research Khyber Mountain Hybrid boot meets AR-670-1 boot requirements for soldiers and is ABU-approved. The boot has a low profile and measures 8-inches tall. Overlays have been added to make the boot extremely durable. In sage green, this boot also meets the Air Force Uniform Policy.

Military Boot Super Store understands AR-670-1 boot requirements and has stocked our inventory with many choices for soldiers. Shop our online store today to purchase any of the boots mentioned above and many more.