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In our inventory, we have a variety of military boots to choose from. Our Reebok Rapid Response series are durable, innovative work boots that have a variety of features that will enhance your performance in the field. To learn more about this boot, and why you will love wearing these popular police boots in the field, check out our 5 Reasons you will love Reebok’s Rapid Response series boots below.

#1 Reebok Rapid Response Boots are Made of Leather and Cordura

If you are looking for the very best military boots on the market, you should consider a boot from the Rapid Response series. These Reebok boots are made of Cordura nylon and genuine leather. With this amazing construction, you will find out that these work boots are easy to clean and are extremely durable too.

#2 Strobel Construction makes this Boot Extremely Athletic

Since no one really wants to wear a combat boot that feels like a combat boot, Reebok created its Rapid Response series to feel more like a tennis shoe than a combat boot. With all the technology that makes Reebok boots so popular, you can’t go wrong when you put this boot on your feet, and the best part is you don’t have to sacrifice any of the protection that is usually only found in a combat boot.

#3 Rubber Outsole Provides Slip Resistance on Any Terrain

The Reebok Rapid Response series are designed with police in mind. Since Reebok understands that police officers have to work on a variety of different terrains, this series is created to allow for traction on just about any terrain including rocky and sandy terrain.reebok rb8674 mens 6 composite toe boot

#4 Padded and Contoured for Comfort

Reebok also understands that police and others that enjoy this boot series have to wear their boots for a very long time, the footwear must be extremely comfortable to wear. To make sure you will be comfy while wearing Rapid Response boots, Reebok added a padded tongue and collar, and a cushioned, polyurethane insert. The insert is contoured for comfort and will ensure you are comfortable no matter how long your shift runs.

#5 Rapid Response Series boots from Reebok are Available in Many Different Styles

Lastly, the Rapid Response boots from Reebok are incredibly popular police boots because the series is very versatile. No matter what color, style, or height you need, you can find a Rapid Response boot that meets your career’s unique need.

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