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Haix Tactical Boots - Military Boot Superstore

Haix Boots There are 10 products.

Haix Tactical Boots

Haix Boots Black Eagle atheltic Series

If you need stability on many different surface types in a variety of weather conditions, you can benefit from the Haix Boots Black Eagle Athletic Series. These uniform boots are functional and stylish, which makes them great for use in any situation. Whether you want to blend in with the crowd or stand out, you can achieve it with these handsome boots. For a truly sophisticated appearance, make sure to check out the intricate design on the side of the Black Eagle Athletic boots, and Haix’s unique technology on the inside of the boot will keep your foot exactly where it is supposed to be. Get the uniform boots you need to look good and feel good when you choose these boots from Haix.

Haix Boots Black Eagle Tactical Series

Haix Boots Black Eagle Tactical series are designed to perform and feel like running shoes, which mean you can enhance your performance and be comfortable with these black boots on your feet. Whether you need an off-duty boot or a work boot, you will get exactly what you need from this series. To ensure comfortability, Haix created an Energy Return system, a durable, slip resistant sole, and a two-zone lacing system that allows getting laced up quickly easy to do. For waterproof protection, Haix installed a Gore-Tex liner, and the insole of this work boot is treated with antibacterial properties, which allow it to reduce odors and germs within the boot. To get the tactical advantage you need with the comfort you desire, choose a Black Eagle Tactical boot that will keep you safe and enhance your performance.

    Haix Boots Desert Airpower

    Haix’s Desert Airpower series features quality footwear that is based in tradition, and made for members of the military. If you are looking for a military boot that will provide confidence, comfort, and safety, you can count on it with these Haix boots. The outsole provides resistance to oil and fuel, and also has self-cleaning tread. For water resistance, Haix built the Desert Airpower boots with a Gore-Tex barrier, and the suede-finished leather delivers a sharp look. Your comfort while wearing the boots will be enhanced by a Texon insole, shock absorption, and fantastic moisture control properties are delivered by Haix’s climate system. This unique system wicks perspiration away from feet to keep feet dryer and healthier. For the best uniform boot for your feet, choose a Haix Airpower Desert boot.

      Haix Boots Forest Airpower Series

      Both women and men can find the right work boots for their feet when you shop our inventory. The lightweight Forest Airpower boots are very comfortable, which makes them great for a long day on your feet. Aiding in all-day comfort is Haix’s unique special arch support system, a Secura Liner systems, and a Gore-Tex liner. A steel toe cap and a steel toe insert will keep your feet safe from punctures, and the Nubuck waxed leather and Kevlar uppers will protect your feet from cuts too. Since these outdoor boots have no seams, these Haix boots are extremely tough, which allows them to stand up to even the toughest conditions. When you need durable work boots for everyday wear, you should choose these Haix boots from the Military Boot Super Store.

        Haix Boots Forest Protector Series

        The Haix Protector series is available in two different styles the Xtreme and the Pro. Each of these Protector styles is available in both women’s and men’s sizes. When you slip on a pair of these outdoor boots, you will be ready to hit the forest comfortably. Due to innovative technology, you can also count on durability and toughness with every step you take. The Xtreme style is made of breathable, waterproof Nubuck waxed leather, and the Pro style features leather uppers. All boots in the Protector series feature protective puncture-proof soles and steel toe caps. Pro Protector boots are ideal for use in warm climates, and the Xtreme is made for gripping wet terrain. No matter which style you decide is right for you, you can count on Kevlar cut protection, a Secura liner system, and no side seams, which make these boots extremely durable. Keep your feet safe when you choose to wear any forest boot from Haix’s Protector series.

          Haix Boots Forest Trekker Series

          Outdoorsmen, like yourself, need quality footwear when you enter the woods. The definition of quality can be found in the Forest Trekker series from Haix boots. These outdoor boots are comfortable, stylish, and functional. To ensure hunters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts can stay on their feet, the Forest Trekker series features grip that will provide strong traction on nearly any surface. You won’t risk loosing your footing in mud, snow, or in the field, when you choose an outdoor boot from Haix’s Forest Trekker series for your treks through the wilderness.

            Haix Boots GSG9-S Series

            Haix’s GSG9-S series is made especially for those in law enforcement. These police boots were created through a correlation between Haix and SRT teams all over the world. To provide durability, the boots are made of Sun Reflect leather uppers and a rubber/polyurethane Davos sole. To ensure police won’t mark any surfaces, Haix created this boot with non-marking, skid resistant, and self-cleaning technology. For puncture resistance, Haix added Kevlar to these boots which provides excellent protection against punctures. Choose a police boot from the GSG9-S series for comfort, impact absorption, and Crosstech lining. With this law enforcement boot on your feet, you will be ready for tough police work no matter where you shift takes you.

              Haix Boots Hunting Series

              When you enter the woods to hunt, you need the proper clothes, your hunting equipment, and Haix’s Hunting series boots. These hunting boots are critical to your success in the woods because they provide a sleek, professional look with durability and traction that can’t be found in other boots. Each boot in the Hunting series will provide you with comfortability in the fields and forest. If you are looking for a quality hunting boot at a great price, consider Haix’s Hunting series to keep you safe and comfortable every time you trek into the wilderness.

                Haix Boots Police Airpower Series

                Haix created the Police Airpower series to provide durability and comfort in any condition. These popular police boots feature a Gore-Tex, breathable liner, and a unique arch support system. To keep feet cool in any condition, the Police Airpower boots are treated with special leather that reflects sunlight, and the Climate System in these law enforcement boots allows air to circulate in a pumping movement that allows the air to escape through vent holes located at the top of these boots. Enjoy functionality and safety when you choose these skid resistant, rubber-soled, anti-static police boots from Haix.

                  Haix Boots Rescue Airpower

                  Haix boots has been making footwear for first responders, military members, and blue-collar workers for over half a century. The Rescue Airpower boots became incredibly popular with firefighters in the 1990s. After Haix released firefighter boots, firefighters didn’t have to settle for uncomfortable and poorly made work boots any longer. Today, the Rescue Airpower series from Haix features a Secura liner, heat resistant soles, and an arch support system that makes it one of the most popular boots in the industry for firefighters and other first responders. To ensure your feet will always stay exactly where they are supposed to; choose Haix’s Rescue Airpower boots.


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