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Blackhawk Police & Tactical Boots - Military Boot Superstore

Blackhawk Boots There is 1 product.

Blackhawk Boots Desert OPS

In the desert, soldiers often have to run through treacherous, sandy terrain. With Desert Ops on your feet, this feat is a bit easier. These durable work boots remain durable, even in the worst conditions imaginable. With abrasion-resistant uppers and Cordura nylon panels, service men and women can rely on flexibility and swift movement in these lightweight boots. Breathability, water resistance, and oil resistance is also promoted thanks to a Dri-Lex inner liner and a Vibram TC4+ multi-sport compound outsole. This innovative combination makes traveling on muddy or wet surfaces easier to do. Meanwhile, a gusseted tongue keeps dirt out of places it isn’t supposed to be. For support and stability, wearers can count on Desert Ops from Blackhawk to provide them with surefootedness and confidence no matter where their feet take them.

    Blackhawk Boots Light Assault Series

    Some missions require stealth and swiftness. To accommodate this need, Blackhawk created the Light Assault series. These lightweight boots are made of materials that effortlessly promote movement in the field. For breathability, these boots feature breathable nylon mesh and an anti-microbial OrthoLite insole that helps to keep feet comfortable while fighting germs and odor too. For instance, when a solider must travel through damp or wet areas, the Light Assault boots allow for quick ventilation. A Dri-Lex liner and polyurethane materials allow the boots to dry incredibly fast. To allow wearers to tie their boots easily, Blackhawk created these boots with a quick-tie method, and a lace pocket keeps laces neatly tucked away, which ensures the laces won’t get snagged. Trail-Run rubber outsoles make sure wearers won’t slip on slippery surfaces. For comfort and function in the field, choose Blackhawk’s Light Assault boots.

      Blackhawk Boots Tac Assault Series

      Whether you are expected to run, walk, or jog, you can get it done in the Blackhawk Tac Assault boots. These breathable boots are made of breathable, nylon and mesh and are paired with abrasion-proof microfiber uppers, and a molded insole.  This expert combination of features creates a work boot that provides stability and comfort in rough or unsteady terrain. With this military boots’ watertight features such as ventilation and quick drying keep feet dry, even when walking in water.  For slip protection, the Tac Assault boots feature high-grip outsoles and molded laces. The molded laces also provide a no tie option that is helpful when you need to get dressed in a hurry. For healthiness and durability, these tac boots feature an antimicrobial lining a stability shank, and custom OrthoLite inserts. Work related or just for fun, Blackhawk’s Tac Assault boots will make sure you are prepared for any journey.

        Blackhawk Boots Tanto Series

        With Blackhawk’s Tanto series boots on your feet transitioning from the range or field to the hiking trail is easy to do. Transition is easy because the Tanto boots are all-purpose lightweight footwear that features sturdy surefootedness no matter where you travel. Stability is further promoted by slip traction soles. To create healthy feet, this boot features an Ortholite, antimicrobial footbed. Since these Nubuck leather boots are waterproof, they can be worn in just about any type of weather. When the military boots do get wet, they will dry very quickly. Whether on the trail, in the field, or shooting on the range, soldiers can count on their Blackhawk boots to keep them upright and stable on their feet.

          Blackhawk Boots ZW5 Series

          If you are tired of waterlogged boots, you need the five-inch ZW5 boots from Blackhawk. These athletic military boots have a waterproof barrier that includes uppers made of water-resistant Cordura nylon. Additionally, an innovative Dri-Lex liner will wick moisture away from your feet, which allows you to stay dry and also aids in allowing the boots to dry fast as well. Since these boots are made with quality materials cleaning the boots is exceptionally easy. For comfort and every day wear, these boots feature an anti-microbial lining, oil-resistant soles, and a custom Ortholite footbed. Anytime, you are taking a journey off the beaten track, make sure you have a pair of Blackhawk ZW5s on your feet.

            Blackhawk Boots ZW7 Series

            The Blackhawk ZW7s are all about versatility. With these military boots on your feet, you will easily be able to handle any type of landscape in any environment. All this is possible thanks to Blackhawk’s innovative features. The most popular features of the ZW7 series are a waterproof barrier, water-resistant Cordura nylon uppers, and an innovative Dri-Lex liner. To meet your comfort needs, Blackhawk has included a polyurethane midsole, and an Ortholite custom bed. With these incredibly water-resistant boots on your feet, you will never have to worry about waterlogged boots again.


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