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Rocky Boots - Military Boot Superstore - Military Boot Superstore

Rocky Boots There are 37 products.

Rocky Boots

Rocky Boots 1st Med

When you choose a boot from Rocky’s 1st Med series, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for protection. This military boot provides, durability and waterproof protection while ensuring your feet stay comfortable too. Whether in the field or sitting behind a desk, your feet will stay dry, warm, and comfy in these Rocky boots. Boots in this series are also resistant to blood-borne pathogens, slippage, and are extremely lightweight. If you have to work near electrical hazards, you will be glad to know 1st Med boots meet ASTM electrical hazard safety standards. Stay safe and comfortable when you choose a boot from the 1st Med series from Rocky.

Rocky 911 Series

When first responders, like you, choose footwear, it is important to consider how the boots will perform in your career. If you choose work boots from the Rocky 911 series, you can count on swiftness, durability, and stability. These comfortable boots are functional, water resistant, and feature a moisture-wicking liner. For the best surefootedness, the 911 boots feature a Terra Suspension footbed and a polyurethane outsole. This expert combination of technology ensures you will enjoy maximum stability no matter where you have to trek. Military members will also appreciate the fact that these Rocky boots are Berry Compliant. Make sure you are the first, first responder on the scene with 911 boots from Rocky on your feet.

Rocky Alphaforce Series

Traveling through the wilderness in tough terrain is easy when you choose Rocky AlphaForce boots. These outdoor boots are waterproof, lightweight, and made of nylon and full-grain leather. This expert craftsmanship ensures you will enjoy durability, flexibility, and comfort. To enhance all-day comfort, Rocky made these work boots extremely breathable, and provide footbeds that are cushioned, supportive, and soft on the feet. For high traction, a non-mark, non-slip outsole has been built into the boot, and contoured insoles provide a custom fit. Experience an amazing fit and feel every time you wear boots when you choose an outdoor boot from Rocky’s AlphaForce series.

Rocky Basics Series

Whether in the military, fishing, hiking, or hunting, you will benefit from wearing Rocky Basics boots. In this series, you will find great boots for use outdoors, at work, or to compliment a western-style. Each category of Basics boots features work boots that are comfortable for both women and men. Most styles in this series feature waterproof protection and steel toes. Basic boots are also uniform-approved for use in the Army and US Air Force. If you need a durable, comfortable boot that can be worn in heavy-use situations; choose a work boot from the Rocky Basics series.

    Rocky Blizzard Stalker Series

    Rocky’s Blizzard Stalkers are made for exactly what the boots sound like they are made for; walking or stalking in the snow. These winter-friendly boots make winter patrols a breeze. Made especially for cold climates, Rocky created this cold weather boot with 1200 grams of Thinsulate insulation, which helps to keep your feet warm without weighing your feet down. Waterproof construction will keep your feet dry, and the multi-directional blizzard outsoles feature lugs that promote traction in icy conditions. The Cordura nylon of these boots provides extreme durability and the easy lace system makes getting the boots on quick and easy. If you spend time in the snow, choose Rocky Blizzard Stalker boots to protect your feet from the elements.

      Rocky C4 Trainer Series

      At just .94lbs, the C4 Trainer series from Rocky is one of the lightest boots available in the combat boot industry. This lightweight boot is similar to Rocky’s S2V boot, but includes even more features. An athletic-shoe fit will give you the uniform look you need with the comfort you need for all-day wear. Rocky’s Airport footbed, and an EVA/rubber outsole adds to the overall lightness of the uniform boot. If you don’t need combat boots, but still want all the benefits featured in the C4 Trainer series, you can also find hikers and Oxfords in this series.

      Rocky Eliminator Series

      With Rocky Eliminator boots on your feet overcoming many obstacles is extremely easy to do because this work boot is able to take a beating in just about any situation. A suspended footbed provides unmatched comfort that makes hikes and long marches easy to do. On the outsole, Rocky features polyurethane materials that are resistant to slips on oily surfaces. For waterproof protection and breathability, the Eliminator boots feature a Gore-Tex liner, which also helps reduce the amount of sweat in a boot, and Thinsulate insulation will ensure your feet stay warm in winter weather. Get the support you need to run or climb over any obstacle when you choose a work boot from Rocky’s Eliminator series.

        Rocky Fort Hood Series

        When you want to enjoy the time you spend in your combat boots; choose a work boot from Rocky’s Fort Hood series. Made of nylon and full-grain leather materials, this Rocky boot will keep your feet cool and dry in any temperature, even extremely hot environments. With a non-insulated interior, you can count on comfortability in any condition. On the outsoles, Rocky used their SWAT rubber outsole, which is abrasion resistant and capable of providing traction and grip while walking. These military boots are guaranteed by Rocky to resist water, even when walking through puddles. D-rings provide for fast lacing, and slip-resistance and wetness protection make the Fort Hood boots an ideal choice when comfort, durability, and convenience are your biggest concerns.

        Rocky High Gloss Series

        Rocky’s High Gloss boots are stylish, comfortable, and made with a round toe and classic, four-hole lace up system. Thanks to gleaming polish, these High Gloss boots will always be shiny, even right out of the box. With a shiny finish, these Rocky boots are perfect for military full dress blue, or any occasion that requires the use of a professional Oxford. Adding to the usefulness of this Oxford is the fact that these dress Oxfords will be sturdy and durable in any condition. Look good without worrying about normal wear and tear when you choose a Rocky High Gloss Oxford.

        Rocky Paraboots Series

        Rocky Paraboots are the perfect boot choice if you plan to trek miles in your work boots, or are going to be riding your motorcycle. This particular Rocky boot series is so comfortable that you will be able to wear them for 24-hour shifts and enjoy comfort the entire time. With this type of comfortability, EMTS and military personnel often opt to wear Paraboots from Rocky. You can choose between seven or ten-inch boots and the full-grain leather on the boots provides for rugged durability on any terrain. Choose a boot that will last during the worst elements when you choose Rocky Paraboots.

        Rocky Polishable Series

        Conquering rough, mountainous terrain is difficult, but can be made easier with a boot from Rocky’s Polishable series. These versatile work boots are great for wear in just about any environment in many different conditions. At just five-inches tall, this soft toe, classic design work boot is great for formal work or for recreational use. The Goodyear welt construction is complemented by water-resistant, full-grain leather and no matter what these boots go through, you will still be able to polish them. A non-metallic stabilizer paired with a 90-degree heel rest provides maximum stability. For comfort a pro-cell polyurethane air flow insert will allow your feet to breathe, which will aid in all day comfortability. Accomplish any task you attempt when you choose to wear Rocky Polishable boots.

        Rocky Portland Series

        When you put Rocky Portland boots on your feet, you will be prepared to trek through any terrain imaginable. These full-grain leather boots are made to be durable, flexible, and adjustable, so you can prepare yourself for any task at hand. With a waterproof design, Portland boots will repel moisture, which will allow you to stay comfortable, even in wet weather. For warmth and protection, Rocky lined the Portland series with Thinsulate insulation, and cushioned footbeds will provide softness every minute the work boots are on your feet. Go ahead and get outdoors in any environment safely and confidently when you have Rocky’s Portland boots on your feet.


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