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Merrel Military Boots - Military Boot Superstore

Merrell Boots There are 20 products.

Merrell Chameleon

The Merrell Chameleon series features a variety of work boots that are made to overcome difficult obstacles in any type of terrain. Reliability and surefootedness is provided by a rubber, high-performance outsole, and the slip resistant technology enhances stability in the field. Several of the military boots in the Chameleon series feature waterproof technology, which will keep your feet dry, even in inclement weather. All Chameleon boots have an EVA dual density footbed that will promote comfortability and absorb shock every minute the boots are on your feet.  Make long trails and rugged landscapes easier to handle when you buy Merrell Chameleon military boots.

    Merrell Moab

    The Merrell Moab series is becoming extremely popular amongst servicemen, operators, and many others. If you need a lightweight, military boot that will provide reliability in hot weather environment, you can find it in this unique series. These boots are created using extremely durable leather and mesh on the uppers. This design allows encourages airflow in the boot to provide all day long comfortability. To decrease odor and fungus in the boots, Merrell treated the Moab boots with an Aegis antimicrobial solution. Make sure every step you take is marked with traction, grip, and dependability thanks to the Moab series Vibram rubber sole.

    Merrell Phaser Peak

    When you need reliable hiking boots that will perform in rain or shine; choose a boot from Merrell’s Phaser Peak series. These unique outdoor boots are created with quality Nubuck leather. This construction makes handling difficult elements in hazardous terrain easier to do. To keep your feet dry and comfortable, Merrell installed a waterproof membrane to keep moisture away from the foot. The unique loop lacing system and anti-rust bronze hook ensure hikers, like you, can wear these boots anywhere they want to go with confidence, even while carrying heavy backpacks. Carrying heavy loads is easier with the Phaser Peak boots on your feet because the nylon grade 4, tapered insole is made to increase wearer’s comfort. When you are planning to trek through nature, make sure you have Phaser Peaks on your feet.

      Merrell Sawtooth

      Merrell’s Sawtooth series is functional and lightweight, which makes it a great choice for backpacking. The uppers of the Sawtooth boots are made of mesh and Nubuck leather. The mesh lining will keep your feet comfortable by allowing air to easily circulate through the boot, and comfort is provided by a compression molded EVA footframe. The Ballisticore and Nubuck leather tongue keeps debris out of the boot and the cushioned heel absorbs shock while increasing stability. An under-arch bridge will provide you with an easy stride, and the sole of these Sawtooth boots features 5.5 millimeter lugs that are great for long treks. Get a work boot that provides comfort and stability without weighing you down when you choose a boot from Merrell’s Sawtooth series.


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